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A New Home for the Arts on the WTC Campus

Performing Arts Center on World Trade Center Campus Image by Iwan Baan


If you have walked through the World Trade Center (WTC) campus recently, you may have noticed the newly opened Perelman Performing Arts Center (PAC NYC). This beautifully designed building is made with marble slabs that glow at night. PAC NYC celebrates the city’s commitment to the arts and provides a platform for artists of various disciplines to express themselves. The PAC NYC opens with its first public programming on Sept. 19. 


The PAC NYC is the last building open to the public from the original master redevelopment plan for the WTC campus. The site was designated for a performing arts center and serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of New York City that showcases the power of art to heal and inspire.

Interior Performing Arts Center Image by Iwan Baan


Before entering the space, the exterior of PAC NYC is a sight to behold. Its striking design is composed of a mirroring configuration of 4,896 slabs of Portuguese marble sealed between layers of insulating glass, according to Architectural Digest. This design controls the entry of natural light and creates an airy atmosphere inside. When visiting at night, the building’s lights glow through the translucent glass panels.


Architectural credits go to the following:

Design Architect: Joshua Ramus of REX

Executive Architect: David Brody Bond

Theater Consultant: Charcoalblue

Restaurant/Lobby Interior Architect: Rockwell Group

Interior Architect: David Rockwell, Founder & President


The building is not only visually stunning but also prioritizes functionality and practicality in its design. The PAC NYC building was made with flexibility in mind. There are three flexible theater spaces can accommodate 62 different stage-and-audience configurations to best suit the wide variety of events and performances. The facility spans 129,000 square feet, encompassing the performance spaces and a lobby level that features the renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant, a bar, terrace, and Lobby Stage.


Read more about the building’s design here.

Image of PAC theaters Image by Iwan Baan

Center for Culture

The PAC NYC’s inaugural season includes a diverse array of theater, dance, music, opera, and film. Notable season highlights include a conversation with award-winning actor, director, producer, and activist Kerry Washington, a one-man show by Tony Award® winner, Emmy Award® winner and Oscar® nominee Laurence Fishburne, a contemporary dance performance by acclaimed choreographers, Tendayi Kuumba, Annie-B Parson and Donna Uchizono, and a reimagined version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s dance musical, Cats.


For more on the inaugural season programming, click here.


Community Engagement

The PAC NYC aims to not only be a place of performance, but also a hub for community engagement. It offers educational programs and outreach initiatives to create a space that is accessible to diverse communities. Through a Civic Alliances program, PAC NYC connects with local organizations to create programming around its events, performances, and productions. As part of the efforts to make the PAC NYC accessible, the Lobby Stage will be a space for organizations to have an opportunity to perform or hold events.


The PAC NYC is a symbol of the city’s creativity, resilience, and enduring spirit to provide a new platform for artists and the community. As the WTC campus continues to evolve, this new cultural gem will shine brightly, reminding us of the power of the arts.

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