Public Spaces

Parks, Plazas, and Indoor Spaces

The World Trade Center's 16-acre campus includes a mixture of parks, plazas, and indoor spaces for gathering, enjoyment, and reflection. These frequently feature special events such as food markets, art installations, musical performances, and film screenings.

Parks & Spaces

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2 World Trade Center Plaza

This distinctive pocket of the World Trade Center campus features lively and colorful murals that provide a perfect backdrop to snap a selfie or family photo. The seating is decorated with equal cheer.

Albany Street Plaza

Next to Liberty Park, comfortable tables and chairs dot this plaza that boasts a remarkable vista of One World Trade Center over the dynamic mural that decorates its northern wall.    

Cortlandt Way

This pedestrian thoroughfare features retail, dining, and plenty outdoor seating, as well as regularly scheduled musical performances that are free to the public.

Memorial Plaza

Memorial Plaza is the centerpiece of public space on the World Trade Center campus, home to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the two Memorial Pools. Filled with trees and seating, the plaza is built as a place for gathering, remembrance, and reflection.

Image of Lobby Stage at PAC NYC

Lobby Stage at PAC NYC

Experience musicians, DJs, Hip Hop artists, and more on the Lobby Stage. All performances are free and open to the public on a first come, first served basis with limited capacity.

North Oculus Plaza

This plaza features sleek seating built into the building itself and is home to seasonal events, including farmers and food markets.

Silverstein Family Park

On the periphery of the World Trade Center campus, this small park centered around a circular fountain provides visitors tree shade and benches for a quick respite away from the bustle.

Image of Liberty Park

Liberty Park

This serene park offers history, plentiful seating, and elevated, unobstructed views of Memorial Plaza and the entire World Trade Center campus.

South Oculus Plaza

This plaza sits along the southern face of the Oculus, offering striking views of Memorial Plaza.

West Plaza

Within eyeshot of the Hudson River, visitors here relax on the long marble bench that sits at the feet of One World Trade Center and across from the entrance to One World Observatory.    

Image of The Oculus

The Oculus

Visitors stroll through this marvel of contemporary architecture and design to browse the many retail and dining options within or just soak in the humming ambience on their way to the subway.

Fulton Shared Street

Shared streets are “pedestrian-priority” streets designed to discourage high volumes of vehicle traffic and encourage an increase of pedestrian activity. Fulton Street is split into two sections: one side acts as a shared space for bicycles and limited vehicle access and the other is a pedestrian-priority space dedicated to art and activities.


Read more about The New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT)'s Shared Streets program here


If you have visited or utilized the Fulton Shared Street recently, share your experience with us here.

Image of Outdoor Display Panels

Outdoor Display Panels

Welcoming art, poetry, photography, history, and more to our campus. More than a display, the panels are a platform for change, a canvas for voices, a beacon for celebration, and an opportunity to honor heritages within our community. These display panels can become a living testament to the rich tapestry of cultures, histories, and identities around New York City.